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Road Grading

Using high-quality grading equipment, we restore the driving surface and drainage attributes of a gravel or natural surface road to achieve the desired smoothness and shape.

We cut the road surface or fill them with graded materials to remove irregularities and redistribute gravel.

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Parking Lot Paving

We know that a well-maintained and paved parking lot is important to your business.

Our experts here at Pro Paving and Grading value these four key features to provide an excellent parking lot paving: smooth integration of pavements, good quality gravel base, proper drainage, and careful attention to detail.


Asphalt Paving

Pro Paving and Grading provides a vast range of asphalt paving services such as ground preparation, surface pavement removal or treatment, and expert asphalt application and maintenance.


Driveway Paving

We construct and design quality and economical asphalt driveways. We make sure the foundation is paramount to support the pavement and protect it against frost and damages.

We also remove “soft spots” and improve soil quality to ensure high-quality paving.

Pro Paving and Grading is a family-owned and operated paving and grading company in Yavapai County, Prescott Valley, AZ.

Our co-owner Shawn Denny has over 20 years of combined experience, skills, and knowledge in excavating, paving, grading, and even oil surfacing.

Here at Pro Paving and Grading, we take pride in the efficiency of our work. We commit ourselves to our ultimate goal of helping Arizona residents achieve long-lasting and high-value properties.

We offer a wide range of paving and grading services such as road grading, driveway paving, parking lot paving, and asphalt paving.

Our team is composed of expert grading and paving professionals who can guarantee you safe and top-quality services.

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