Asphalt Paving Repair and Maintenance

Excellent Asphalt Paving Repair And Maintenance Contractor In Arizona

Asphalt is known for its strength and durability, making it the most popular material for road, driveway, and parking lot pavement. 

However, infrastructures are prone to degradation and aging. Some problems such as cracks, potholes, corrugations, grade depressions may occur due to various reasons such as:

  • Temperature
  • Weather conditions
  • Heavy traffic
  • Ineffective drainage system
  • Poor pavement and construction

To survive these conditions and avoid degradation, proper repair, and regular maintenance are needed. 

Do it yourself asphalt repair, however, is not advisable. Licensed and experienced paving contractors are needed to repair and maintain these infrastructures.

Pro Paving & Grading in Yavapai County, AZ, know that you deserve nothing less than safe, quality, and lasting asphalt infrastructures. That’s why we commit ourselves to help our clients achieve high quality, high value, and long-lasting properties through our asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance services!

Reach out to us whenever you need a contractor to provide you paving, repair, and maintenance solutions!

Our road repair and maintenance professionals here at Pro Paving & Grading have expert know-how to fill cracks effectively. Our crack filler solutions can help prevent water infiltration, oxidation, and deterioration!


Asphalt Driveway Repair

We can clean out plants and debris and spray weed killer. We also have excellent asphalt patches for potholes and crack filler services for your damaged asphalt driveway!


Removal and Replacement

Our expert paving contractors can remove aged and damaged asphalt and replace them if necessary. Upon replacement, we’ll make sure that the new asphalt pavement has better quality, longer service life and will contribute to increasing your property’s value.


Pavement Resurfacing

Pro Paving & Grading will guarantee you that the surface will be clean and clear from any debris and vegetation!


Road Patching

Aside from asphalt driveways, Pro Paving & Grading can also repair road potholes and cracks to restore the road’s surface and good condition.


Crack Filling

Road cracks can turn into potholes if not repaired properly. To prevent it, filling the cracks is needed to free the area from any dirt, debris, and severe damages.

Our Expert Asphalt Maintenance Solutions

Emergency Maintenance

We do emergency maintenance services to address immediate and tangible road and driveway issues during catastrophic incidents such as heavy rains and flooding. 

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive road and driveway maintenance includes pothole patching and other issues that form over time. This activity can be costly, especially if small problems become larger. 

Pro Paving & Grading understand these reactive concerns. Our professionals will do our best to keep reactive road maintenance to a minimum by making sure that our services are high-quality and long-lasting.

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance solutions include careful inspection of the infrastructure and planning to avoid reactive maintenance as much as possible. 

As your trusted paving contractors, we commit to inspect your infrastructures for any damages and preventative repairs regularly. 

What Makes Us The Best In Prescott, Arizona

Quality Full-service Repair And Maintenance

From the inspection of the construction site to pavement installation and maintenance, you can count on our expert paving contractors to do the job right, safe, and top of the line!

We are 100% committed to each paving project that we do.

Latest Techniques

As part of our quality and safe craftsmanship, we only use the latest techniques in paving. We continuously upgrade our industry skills and experience so that we can keep our promise of delivering you long-lasting and high-value properties.

Modern Paving Equipment

We have the right and modern equipment to get the job done. We know that with the right technology and tools, we can efficiently and economically fulfill your road paving, grading, repair, and maintenance needs.

With Pro Paving & Grading, you’ll experience the exceptional, service-oriented work of our paving experts.

We make sure to put our customers’ satisfaction on top of our priority. That is why our end-goal is to construct nothing less than high-quality, long-lasting, and high-value pavements.

Pro Paving & Grading is your go-to partner for your paving needs in Yavapai County, Prescott, Arizona. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

Pro Paving & Grading is your most-trusted paving contractor in Yavapai County, Prescott Valley, AZ. We always make sure to give you high quality, high value, and long-lasting asphalt paving services.

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