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Need an asphalt paving contractor who will help you achieve a high value and long-lasting property? Pro Paving & Grading in Yavapai County, Prescott Valley, AZ, is your go-to partner!

Asphalt pavement requires durability and resilience. It has to be reliable enough to withstand damages and last long for many years. Pro Paving & Grading understands these values that’s why our licensed and highly experienced asphalt pavers adhere to only using the best techniques and modern equipment for all our asphalt pavement projects.

Our Asphalt Pavement Services

As professional asphalt pavers, we make sure that we follow these values in each of our asphalt paving projects:

On-Site Inspection

We will not only give you a general estimate of the project, we make sure that we’ll visit your home or business to see the worksite in person. 

Doing this will help both of us to create more accurate planning, timetable, and quotations.

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Review Your Expectations and Requirements

To evaluate the project plan more accurately, you can expect our contractors to meet you in person to talk about your expectations, requirements, preferences, and other information needed for the job. 

We’ll also explain to you the whole process and materials needed for the asphalt project so that you’re aware of the things that go into the job.

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Good Customer Service

Good customer service is a must for every contractor. We make sure that we communicate with you in a professional, timely, and friendly manner. 

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We’ll be happy to share with you a list of our satisfied customers’ statements! This way, you’ll be assured that we walk our talk when it comes to asphalt paving.

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The Benefits of Our Asphalt Paving Services

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Aside from our modern and quality asphalt paving equipment and techniques, here are the benefits you can expect from Pro Paving & Grading:

Long-Lasting Asphalt Pavement

We make sure to design your asphalt pavements properly so they’ll last for many years without the fear of damage. This will also increase the value of your residential or business property.


Our asphalt mix is guaranteed high quality to provide you a smooth surface. The smoothness will reduce any pavement damages and improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. 

Efficient Project Completion

You don’t have to worry about hassle traffic flows. We are fast and efficient when it comes to completing the asphalt project. 

Besides, once the project is complete, motorists will be happier since traffic flow will become smoother with fewer road closures.


Our asphalt paving service is guaranteed smooth and safe for drivers. It’ll give motorists better skid resistance and visual distinction of road markings while reducing splashback. 


Our asphalt mix is 100% recyclable. Its life cycle never ends and be dug up and reused again.

What Makes Us the Best Asphalt Paving Company In Prescott Valley, AZ

Go outside and you’ll probably see an asphalt driveway, parking lot, or a roadway. Asphalt material is undeniably one of the most popular pavement choices for many residential and business owners in the United States,

Pro Paving and Grading in Prescott, AZ, provides a vast range of asphalt pavement construction services such as:

  • ground preparation
  • surface pavement removal or treatment
  • expert asphalt application and maintenance.

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

Pro Paving & Grading is your most-trusted paving contractor in Yavapai County, Prescott Valley, AZ. We always make sure to give you high quality, high value, and long-lasting asphalt paving services.

Give us a call to discuss your next project. We have all your paving work covered!

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