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Parking lot paving is crucial work that you can’t entrust to just anyone. For business owners, a commercial parking lot is more than just a resting place for cars. It’s one of the key points that your potential customers would look forward to when visiting your establishment. 

Your parking lot’s look and function place a significant impact on your business. Pro Paving & Grading fully-understands your needs for good quality parking and cost-effective commercial parking lot paving.

Our licensed driveway paving contractors are committed to helping clients achieve high-quality, high-value, and long-lasting parking lots.

Pro Paving and Grading only use the best techniques and modern equipment for all our parking lot pavement projects. 

4 Key Features of Our Parking Lot Paving Services

Be it concrete or an asphalt parking lot, Pro Paving & Grading Services is your go-to partner for your paving project needs!

Our mission is to help our clients achieve high-value and long-lasting properties through our services. To do that, we follow these 4 key features when it comes to our parking lot repairs and paving projects:

1. Smooth Pavement Integration

Do you want to expand your existing concrete parking or merge it with a refurbished one? No worries! 

We do precise saw cutting as an essential part of the integration. This will ensure a smooth and high-quality transition from your old pavement to the new parking lot construction. 

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2. Good Gravel Sub Base

One of the most significant parts of all asphalt parking lots is a good gravel sub-base foundation. We make sure that our installation is precise and careful.

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3. Careful Drainage Inspection

Proper drainage systems help in preventing the buildup of standing water and possible damages to the parking lot. Our contractors will carefully inspect your drainage system and diagnose any problems that might affect the construction of the parking lot.

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4. Detailed Work

As the experts in paving and grading properties, we make sure that we communicate and review with you all the necessary information concerning the project. This includes all your specific expectations, requirements, and preferences. 

We will thoroughly discuss with you the whole process and materials needed for the parking lot paving so that you’re aware of the things that go into the job. 

Our contractors have good attention to detail. This means that we are meticulous about the quality and longevity of the outcome of the parking lot pavement. We use advanced equipment and precision techniques to deliver our quality service promises.

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What Makes Us the Best Driveway Paving Company In Prescott, AZ

If you’re a business property owner looking for a trusted and reputable paving company in Prescott, Pro Paving & Grading is the right choice for you.

Pro Paving & Grading are composed of parking lot pavers committed to constructing well-maintained, clean, and evenly paved parking lots to help business owners receive more love and patronage from their customers.

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

Pro Paving & Grading is your most-trusted paving contractor in Yavapai County, Prescott, AZ. We always make sure to give you high quality, high value, and long-lasting asphalt paving services.

Give us a call to discuss your next project. We have all your paving work covered!

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