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Pavement distresses happen when the asphalt or concrete pavement gets old, and traffic conditions and vehicle volume worsen.

Without proper repair and maintenance, the distressed pavement can crack and result in potholes and craters. 

Pro Paving & Grading has expert road patching services to restore the surface and condition of a road.

Our licensed and highly experienced road construction and maintenance experts use top-of-the-line road repair methods and patching equipment for all our projects.

Our Pothole Patching Services

Throw and roll pothole repair

This is the most basic and temporary pothole repair solution. We’ll simply place asphalt patch materials into the crack holes and drive over them with a tractor or bulldozer. 

This procedure is only advisable to those who need a quick temporary fix.

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Semi-permanent pothole repair

A semi-permanent method that involves removal of water and debris from the pothole, creation of clean cuts along the sides, and filling in the patch mix material inside the hole. A vibratory roller or plate can be used to tighten the patch.


Spray-injection method

Almost similar to the semi-permanent method, except that it uses specialized equipment. After cleaning water and debris, we’ll spray a tack coat of binder on the sides and bottom, then blow and aggregate the asphalt into the hole. 


Edge seal pothole repair

The process involves the throw-and-roll method and placing of ribbon of asphalt tack material along the patch edges. After that, we’ll overlap the pavement and patches and cover the tack material with sand to protect it from vehicle tires.


Full-depth roadway pothole replacement

This is the most complex method of patching a road. We’ll rebuild distressed asphalt with pulverized old asphalt, cement, and water. We’ll compact the area to make a base for an asphalt or concrete surface. 

This method repairs cracks and potholes by replacing them with completely new pavement. Only experienced professionals like Pro Paving & Grading should do this.

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The Benefits Of Our Road Patching Services

Aside from our modern and quality equipment and techniques, here’s why you should trust your road repair needs to Pro paving & Grading:

Enhance the look of your property

Potholes, cracks, and damages can deteriorate the appearance of your property. Our safe and long-lasting patching techniques can enhance its look!

Limit Unwanted Accidents

Pro Paving & Grading consists of licensed professionals who can repair road cracks and potholes effectively to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents!

Draw More Guests and Customers

We know that a damaged road will negatively affect nearby businesses. Having it repaired and maintained by a reputable professional will not only improve the quality of your property, but will also draw you more customers, and increase your curb appeal!

Save Money

Let’s be realistic: cheap and temporary fixes only encourage repeat repair work, which will cost you more in the long run. With us, you’re assured that the repair will save you money and time. We always make sure that our projects are high quality, high value, and long-lasting!

What Makes Us The Best Pothole Patching Company

Pothole patching (also Road Patching) is a repair and maintenance work of filling a pothole with premix asphalt or concrete to restore its surface.


However, filling the open holes of roads or parking lots is just a temporary solution used by less-experienced workers. By following this simple procedure, the pothole will likely reappear, and the patched area will become weaker after some time. 


As highly-experienced, trained, and equipped professionals, Pro Paving & Grading make sure that we do our patching services the RIGHT WAY to spare you from repeat repair work hassles in the future.


Our expert road graders will work on effective and safe grading to provide a strong foundation to your property, limit the amount of possible structural issues, and reduce the risks of erosion and damages.


The cleaning process helps the adhesive product used to bind the filler and road effectively. This is also a precautionary measure to avoid breakage in the future.

The process involves the removal of small pieces of stone, asphalt, and other debris. We’ll also clean fine materials using high-pressure air or water, sandblasting, or a wire cleaner.

Pothole measurement

We’ll inspect and measure the depth and length of the cracks and potholes present in the road. Doing this will help us identify the materials needed, as well as the timeframes of the project.


We’ll use a high-quality, non-compressible, non-shrinking, and non-absorbent backer rod to fortify the structure and repair cracks and potholes.


After preparing the area, we’ll proceed with filling the cracks with high-quality road patches. We’ll make sure that the filler will fill the crack from top to bottom.

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

Pro Paving & Grading is your most-trusted paving contractor in Yavapai County, Prescott, AZ. We always make sure to give you high quality, high value, and long-lasting asphalt paving services.

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